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As we all know that nowadays everyone has a business no matter whether it’s on a small scale or a large scale because some of us don’t like to do jobs. Having a business is a small thing until you are just thinking but when you start it, only you can understand each aspect of the job and the headaches you have to go through in order to skyrocket your business. And when it comes to business, GST comes in everyone’s mind because no doubts that GST compliance is a big deal to handle and tracking all inward and outward process is no mean feat. And if you are continuous on the go person, you need to keep these documents securely stored so that you can enter the details into your account later whenever necessary.


To do so, we’ve come across an app that masters in the aforementioned services. The app goes by the name Vyapari. The brains behind the app are LOGO INFOSOFT. It provides a great facility to help businesses to create GST compliant sales and purchase invoices anytime, anywhere on the go and not only from our smartphones but even from their website so we can get our GSTR real-time data and that’s how we can generate our monthly or quarterly GSTR reports.

We can easily get this app on our smartphone so it doesn’t matter if you are using an Android Smartphone or iOS because it’s available on both the platforms. The installation process is pretty easy and can be done by anyone. We can sign up as a Company and also as a Chartered Accountant as well hired for a company. The ability to sign up CAs and Sales Practitioners is quite unique and difficult to find in any other such application. CAs can sign up only from the app and then access can be given to the account from the web.

App Overview

Taking a look at the Home Page of the app, the first page shows the recent sales invoice of your GST compliance. You might find it more comfortable to enter the details on a desktop screen. If you are just starting out, you should head straight to the customer/suppliers section and enter the details of your customers along with their address, GSTIN number, and contact details. The PAN Card details will be automatically be populated using the GSTIN numbers.

Features :

Like other apps, it also has the details on we customers you can add the details of Services we can offer in the correspondence section. We can also create our product code and by scanning the barcode of our inventory to avoid any error, we can enter the Unit Type on the basis of which cost will be calculated like length, area or user-defined values in case you are into digital business. Mention the unit price, sales price and add a description, go ahead and click on save.

Scanning a barcode is very common these days but it really helps us in getting the details within minutes. The plus side of Vypari app is that it showcases that with more transparency and help you see the details with ease and more efficiently.

Sales Page :

Moving to the Sale Page, we can get our sales transaction by entering the details. GST depends on the item code and customer we have selected and then the GST will generate automatically calculated by the application. We can also give a discount to our customer and adjust according to the GST compliant ERP Solutions. Even we can add multiple transactions detail in the same window by adding more rows.

We have noticed that the state-code is predefined in the system, the terminologies used are the same used by GSTN. We don’t need to worry about data entry errors or clean up later. Similar was the case for many of the other fields too. This can make life easy for many users who don’t know about these technicalities

There is a section in this application which allows us to generate GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B in just a few clicks. We just need to enter some basic details in that and the system will generate a JSON or XLS files.

We tried to add a separate delivery location on a sales invoice for a cash and carry customer. But it failed and the app did not allow us to do it. It means that this app detected an illegitimate input and blocked us from making a mistake.

Minor Cons (Fixable) :

Where the website of Vyapari app “LOGO INFOSOFT App Vyapari” is very stable and works great without any problems, Vyapari Android app is great to see on smartphones, it’s interface is very clean and simple but somewhere it gives problems because it’s an android app and just launched they need to improve some problems like, when we tried to update prices or when we add a new product, we got a technical error message (exceptions from the barcode). Error messages which are handled, are not sufficiently informative. For instance, if we try to login through the Android application and our phone is not connected to the internet, We will suddenly get an “Error” message but no information that you need to go online for the login to work. There are some problems but these can be solved in future updates.


So this is the app “Vyapari” which is overall a very helpful application. It’s all one GST compliant ERP solution that makes it easy to keep a track of all your sales and purchased invoices, GSTR also assists in filing returns by generating JSON or XML. The other great thing is that it is available both on Android and iOS platforms so that anyone can install and you’re good to go. If you have a CA to take care of your transactions, the app has the mechanism for you to authorize your CAs and give appropriate access rights. For SME and MSME, this app is a simple way to ease your burden of doing business while managing your GST. It helps you to avoid common human errors while letting you keep a track of all our business transactions from our Smartphones itself. You can download the app and/or visit “Vypari” by this link.


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